Monthly Archives: January 2013

Margaret Chwialkowska

ARTIST STATEMENT I paint “alla prima”, blending the pigments together on the canvas using a palette knife. This technique allows textures to evolve naturally, and permits a loose, spontaneous style and, in turn, evokes the tactile quality of my subjects. The goal of my painting is to evoke the mood of a natural setting and […]

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Zeynep Ergincan

ARTIST STATEMENT I have always painted the images engraved in my memories since my childhood. My first paintings were oil-based portraits. Then I worked with watercolour, acrylics and mixed media. My style also evolved from representational art to abstract art. I work with realistic objects, but I present them from a surrealistic perspective. In the […]

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Charlene Walker

ARTIST STATEMENT I paint landscapes – trees, mountains and water. I simplify what I see to impart calm and serenity into my work. There is a dream-like quality to the paintings that takes them a step towards the abstract and away from the figurative. I paint with acrylics because they best allow me to represent […]

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