Artist Statement  

‘I See Mountains’ – in 2010 I found myself on a new journey, this time travelling through the land of giants, the Rocky Mountains of the Western Canadian landscape. I felt utterly alone in this hauntingly impressive landscape, as I watched the sunrise paint these snowy peaks. Casting shadows and vivid colours as the blues of night shifted to purple and orange under sunrise, and later unveiling the natural green tones of midday. The Rocky Mountains are a lesson in light, shape, form and patience. From the Group of Seven to Robert Genn, these mountains have romanced many and the love affair continues.


Brandy Saturley has been painting for more than 15 years, and making art for over 30 years. She is a prolific painter, guerrilla-style photographer and multiple awards winning Canadian artist. Saturley gained national attention with her paintings of Canadiana including goalie masks, Canadian athletes, the Canadian flag, the Montreal Canadien’s, Alberta Rockies and wildlife.

Inspired by Canadian popular culture, iconography and sport and featuring portraits and surreal landscapes of Canada, from hockey to poppies and Maple Leafs to Lake Louise Saturley’s artwork has been referred to as, ‘Canadianism’ on canvas or Canadian POP art. Brandy’s paintings have been featured in Forbes Magazine, Galleries West Magazine, Visual Overture Magazine, Art Avenue Magazine, Canmore Leader News, Monday Magazine, A-Channel News, CHEK 6 TV Island 30, CityTV Vancouver and in many Canadian blogs including AllHabs Magazine, Canadian Art Junkie and a Portrait of the Visual Arts in Canada.

Saturley’s work can be seen in corporate art collections across Canada and into the United States. You can find The Art of Brandy Saturley in Quebec, Ontario, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Victoria and Palm Springs.

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