I paint landscapes – trees, mountains and water. I simplify what I see to impart calm and serenity into my work. There is a dream-like quality to the paintings that takes them a step towards the abstract and away from the figurative.
I paint with acrylics because they best allow me to represent the natural world. I work with large brushes to keep the process loose and natural. I paint in layers, starting with an underpainting and layering on colour in many steps to add a sense of depth and create a path into the painting. I often incorporate texture mediums such as modelling paste, nepheline gel or string gel to add an organic element.
Like many people, I can find life overwhelming. I feel most renewed and relaxed in nature. So, my paintings draw on nature to inject a calm, quiet breath into an otherwise chaotic world.


Charlene Walker is an Ottawa-based visual artist who specializes in acrylic painting. She experiments with materials and methods, while focusing on texture and strong colour. She paints the natural world, breathing calm into chaos.  Charlene has been showing her work in various galleries and collections around Ottawa since 2007.

Her recent work is inspired by friends’ travel photos. Trying to capture the essence of the scene, the resulting work offers surreal glimpses into far-away lands.

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