Artist Statement

“Art Embracing Awareness” embodies the purpose of my work. An essential aspect of my art explores thoughts and inspirations of an existential nature and investigates the interaction and harmony between the spiritual and the physical world. My work exists to connect with others in contemplation, and peace.  It is not static, but invites interaction. Changing with the light, it maneuvers through various conditions imparting distinctive messages at different times. Texture also plays the important role of portraying the energy and strength which emanate from beneath the surface of the subjects.



Born in Moravia from a family of painters and artists, Frantisek Strouhal now lives and works in western Canada. His interest in art has always been focused on the traditional and classical painters. He was introduced to photography while studying fashion design in college.  Primarily self-taught he learned the photographic and printing craft through the study of many renowned photographers.


Frantisek has rediscovered the lost mid-19th century photographic oil printmaking process and developed it further by utilizing his unique combination of old-world hands-on artistry and modern digital technology. He uses photography, digital collage, contact printing and lithographic inks on watercolor paper. His complex works are nothing if not voluptuous, sensualized realizations of color, light, and form.

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