Lise St-Cyr.

Born in Montreal in 1960, Lise St-Cyr discovered watercolour in Granby, while studying Arts at Sherbrooke University. She made her watercolour debut as a portraitist and executed children portraits for 25 years.

She started to do watercolour on canvas in 2005. Different from paper, this medium brings her spontaneity and freedom. St-Cyr develops her technique of an abstract background with a figurative style, also playing with acrylics. Without drawing and a pre-conceived idea, she brings out her subjects on completely free washes, guided only by emotion.

She is inspired by her world trips, and the different themes that live in her and constantly bring her to new horizons.

In 2008, St-Cyr explored Paverpol sculpture, a Holland medium for which she became the Quebec distributor. She is also in charge of training teachers to reveal this wonderful art form all over the province. She has now trained 30 teachers, from Montreal to Gaspésie, extending this training to the Maritimes, United States, Barbados and France.

With colleagues from the Lakeshore Association of Artists, she recently founded the West Island “Art Rush “, an Art Route which reunites five important West Island Associations and takes place for the second year between April 12 and April 14.

Lise St-Cyr has done many solo and group exhibitions and is represented by several galleries in Quebec.