Sabine Liva paints abstract portraits of a certain somewhere. Subtle, yet orderly, arranged parallel planes of imagery represent sky, water and ground. Her treatment of her subject is entirely contemporary. These are evocative atmospheric landscapes.

Sabine Liva.

Balanced composition, layered cloth-like textures, harmonious colours, movement grounded by the horizon, a seldom and unexpected vignette of objects, articulate the relation between the universal and the familiar, the form and space, creating conditions for sustained personal reflection through harmonious architecture of nature.


Sabine Liva is a unique and penetrating artistic voice. Her creations fill a space with a profound and magical beauty. Colours and compositions in her paintings are exquisite and passionate.

As a traditional painter, Sabine has traversed different schools, countries and cultures, fine tuning her talents. She graduated with Honours from the Ontario College of Art and Design and completed her thesis studies in Florence, Italy. Sabine received her formal education in Riga, Latvia. She studied academic drawing and painting at the renowned Jan Rozental’s School of Art and Academy of Latvia.

She has been successfully participating in numerous prestigious international art shows since 1995. Sabine Liva’s artwork is represented by several North American galleries. Her paintings can be found in private and corporate collections across Canada, U.S.A., Far East and Europe (including Ritz-Carlton Toronto, Dubai Ritz, Four Seasons Jackson Hole, U.S.A.).

“In my stylized waterfront landscapes I try to capture the poetic beauty of air, water, light. These compositions are realistic and yet surreal, both traditional and modern. I work with images of real objects and set them within the context of the painting – it’s about the evident and the intangible. Follow your Heart!” SAB