I have always painted the images engraved in my memories since my childhood.

My first paintings were oil-based portraits. Then I worked with watercolour, acrylics and mixed media. My style also evolved from representational art to abstract art. I work with realistic objects, but I present them from a surrealistic perspective.

In the last few years, I added ceramics to my portfolio. I started with traditional pots and plates, and evolved towards tile-making and wall murals.

Colour and texture characterize my artwork. I use complementary colours and colour shades. The earth tones, oranges and blues are usually more dominant, because I feel that they harmonize better with my abstract subjects.

Because of my origins, I tend to use objects from the Anatolian decorational tradition. That is why objects such as tulips, birds and fish are dominant in my work. I create abstract compositions by combining modern art philosophy with thousand-year-old figures.

I hold an Art Diploma Degree from the Ottawa School of Art. I have participated in several solo and group exhibitions. A number of my paintings are in private collections. Some of my paintings can be seen at the Boutique of Ottawa School of Art.

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