I was born in Velika Kladusa, Bosnia and Hercegovina. At the age of ten I have received an art award from famous painters Krsto Hegedusic and Ivan Generalic. Later, after graduating from a Law school I started my return to painting by developing specific technique of expression. Since 1989 I have started my professional artistic career with an intention to show and share my work.
My work has been included into a list of the best artists of the Art of the 20th Century at in Neo Surrealism category.
My art works can be found in the art book by Otto Rapp, VISIONARY ART YEARBOOK 2010 – 2011.
For the last 20 years I have been exhibiting extensively locally and internationally. In 2011 I have received an Award at the 8th International Biennale of Contemporary Art in Florence, Italy.
Some of my recent exhibitions: a participation in the 8th International Biennale of Contemporary Art in Florence, Italy; Gallery Topusko, Topusko, Croacia; Pasionska bastina Museum, Mimara , Zagreb, Croacia; Mall Galleries, London, UK; and a Solo exhibitioin, Artifact Gallery, New York, USA.

Artist Statement
I live at the area of ex- Yugoslavia, and all the tragic events before and during the War had wounded my soul. Through my images and my drawings I am trying to send the message that we have lost the border line between humanity and ferocity. With each of my drawings I send a message and warnings to the World that if we continue to go on this path this is where we are going to end. I am a painter of the darkness with a ray of light.
Irretrievably, I immersed into the darkest corners of spiritual destructiveness of a human being in a hope to describe it. Humbleness of those who suffer has captured my sensibility. I resist it; I search for a way to escape. My works are messages with no response. They are just a scream and I am not sure that anyone can hear it.

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