Monthly Archives: June 2013

Earl Rose

ARTIST STATEMENT My passion is capturing the breathtaking rugged land and seascapes of my home province of Newfoundland and Labrador and its unique way of life:  a small fishing community shrouded in fog; an old family homestead; an abandoned dory – images that stir my memories and reflect my deep affection for my roots. Also […]

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Sue Foerster, member of

ARTIST STATEMENT Joining the Richmond Hill Group of Artists was a motivation to discover my true authentic self and an artistic voice. A recent enjoyable discovery of manipulating with mixed media and utilizing a wide variety of texture and technique, has enabled me to capture the gesture, the movement, the essence of life itself. The […]

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Gilda Pontbriand

ARTIST STATEMENT Symbolism is embodied in all my paintings, which convey cultural, sociological and cosmological messages. Every symbol represents an interrelationship between man and universe, the visible and the invisible, the real and the intangible, the eternal and the fleeting, the natural and the supernatural. There is a connotative and denotative relation between signs and […]

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