Monthly Archives: April 2014

Michael Toole

Artist Statement  Colour is always a factor in any piece of art that I create. Colour inspires the subject matter that I choose and how it is presented. I often mix imagery so that the colours are altered and the effect of this adds interest and texture. Sometimes the mixing of imagery is complimentary and […]

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Sarah Phelps

Sarah is a true renaissance woman. She has chosen the paths of an Abstract Artist, Wildlife Biologist, and Fitness Coach. Sarah began painting and drawing when she was only 3 years old, and continued through public and high school, participating in various art exhibits and shows. She also had a love for animals and the […]

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Mike Smalley

  Artist Statement  Two seemingly unrelated moments in time became the genesis for an ongoing investigation into a visual interpretation of sound. For the last two summers I’ve had the privilege of helping develop an art program for the CNIB camp on Lake Joseph. While the visually impaired guests were creating extraordinary works of art, […]

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